The Dream’s Castle on the neighborhood of Rome


There is a suggestive location called “Castello Bracci“ in the beautiful area of  “Monti Sabini”, not far from the centre of the amazing Metropolitan City of Rome.

Castello Bracci is a private property, it has been built in the early twentieth century adjacent to a hill which closed to the small town of Fiano Romano.

A double-height building is framed by two majestic laced towers, it rises and dominates above the whole estate in a breathtaking scenario.

There are green terraces, swimming pools, tennis courts and tree-lined which frame this charming environmental context.



Fiano Romano is located in the province of Rome, bordering the “Bassa Sabina” and dominating the Tevere Valley.

There aren’t common opinions for the historical origins of the city, some scholars claim that it was founded by fugitives of the Etruscan Capena, others instead, that its foundation dates back to the advent of Christianity, when the decadence of the religious site of Feronia began.

There are several sites of cultural interest developing around Fiano Romano, i.e. the
archaeological Lucis Feroniae dedicated to the worship of the goddess Feronia and the remains of the Villa dei Volusii which had been found in 1962.

Moreover it’s impossible to forget the remains of many other ancient villas such as the villa del Sasso di Fiano also called “Standa”, the Villa del Casale di Meana, the Villa del Belvedere, the villas in little village Baciletti, the villas located in Prato-La Corte, as well as the remains of the ancient port on the Tevere River.

Inside the small medieval village of Fiano Romano various architectures dating back to the medieval historical period such as the Ducale Orsini Castle can be found.



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